We are a Premium Advertising Network that was born in Brazil and has its focus in Latin America.

We believe in the personal and simplified service provided by Publishers and advertisers, so that everyone understands the programmed advertising without complications.

In addition, we work with technology in our products to streamline processes and increase revenue yield for our publishers and CPA´s with the commitment of our advertisers.


For sites of all sizes, different revenue optimization strategies with personalized service.

Header Bidding

Header Bidding: is a real-time auction, which is given in the main part (header) of your page or website. We offer this technology and service for pages that have more than 30 MM of monthly impressions.

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IAB formats

We specialize in optimizing your CPM First Look, so you can free time from what really matters to you, as its content.

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3. Special Formats

Optimize more with special formats, which do not compete with your existing formats.

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Traffic of quality and technology destined to campaigns with high performance and participation.

DMP Look Alike

Mapping of large volumes of anonymous users' browsing information, ensuring optimum performance.

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Videos and special formats

Our special formats are available for direct purchases and Private deals by the Doubleclick Ad Exchange.

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DMP Trading Desk

Programmatic media management for agencies and direct clients, using DoubleClick Bid Manager and our network with powerful algorithms

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